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Here I am!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. This is my 1st post (obviously).

Who am I?
The one & only Sweetea Pie!

I’m just a nice girl meandering my way through this world. I am a great interest n human interaction and what makes us tick. Life is a study and I’m leaning everyday.

This blog will follow my path in my freelance psychology studies, and will write about familiar and not so familiar topics.

What’s freelance psychology? I like to do things my way, so I take distance leaning courses and compile my own list of things to learn. Think of it like the souther Baptist’s home education courses where they modify actual education with a religious theme. It’s kinds similar in that sense, because this is where I came from and I find it so interesting how a religion can create their own curriculum, so why can’t I? Stay tuned for my first article on one topic that’s always create sparks – the sexual connection between guys & gals. It’s gonna be a hot topic. See ya soon!