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Playboy Bunnies CAN be smart!

I am the biggest fan of Celebrity Apprentice. What a hot year! The best contestants and the best tasks. It’s constantly on the edge of your seat action and entertainment.

They even have a playboy bunny. The adult world meets the business world and it’s an interesting study to see this. On the opener, Donald Trump openly admitted that he hot on her but she ignored his advances.

Donald probably has more ties with Hef then yo think but he keeps is mum because many family and conservative people are his fans and if he has close ties with the adult world, then he might loose some popularity points and the Donald needs to be careful about that.

Brandi is very smart, she’s a leader, intelligent an d planned well. Even joan Rivers has said that she is a perfect blend of beauty and brains. i think it was risky for him to add a porn model into his primetimes show, but he picked the perfect woman for the job.

It’s like bringing the adult industry into the common world. has their front banner right, these are so mainstream. A risky endeavor but it seems that with more and more nudity, not just in adult films or even mainstream film but now on regular television shows, it’s like that this industry is not so taboo anymore. nothing really is taboo, expect obviously taboo things, but soft core porn has found it’s easy into the mainstream media.


The Power of the Sense of Smell

When writing a sexy story, always keep in mind scent. Scent is a very powerful aphrodisiac and draw people together. It can trigger feelings of sexual excitement, passion and intensity.

Think about your favorite smells and what they mean to you. You ex boyfriends cologne. What do you feel when you smell it? How about your current boyfriends cologne? How does that make you feel?

Think about your favorite sexual encounter. Was it on a fling or what type of situation was it in? If if was a one night stand, you might have smelled the stale alcohol from the club in the morning, that can trigger feelings of sexual arousal for some people. After shave is another popular scent because it means that they guy is clean, prepped and ready to go.

If you incorporate scent into your story line, the simple act of describing scent will cause the reader to pick up on your cues and imagine the smells themselves. When you describe scent. you want to keep it with the theme of your story. I will go back to the stale alcohol. Many people might think that this makes no sense but in fact, the stale alcohol can describe raw sex. Uninhibited, taboo and bad. It can run with the theme of your erotic story.

Exploring the sense of smell and it’s effect on making an erotic story’s realism as perceived by our mind.

A suggestion I would recommend to use in your sex story the scent of flavored lubricants. The smells are very sweet and erotic, they are made to excite the sexual mood so this is an easy way to be original in your story with a erotic scent and it will be easy to describe. Most of your readers will be able to relate to the delicious smell of flavored sex lube and for those who don’t know, they might even be tempted to give it a try on their next sexual encounter.

Another sweeter scent could be scented candles. It tends to be over done so I would avoid this but if you are a novice erotic author then the candles are easy to describe and help to set the mood. Try not to stock with the candles because like I just said, they have been overdone and are not original.

This brings up my next point. Think originality. Your scent can be the fresh nail polish from t eh girl who just finished getting herself pretty for sex. This means that she is freshly shaven, freshly styled and ready to go, fresh like a newly picked apple.

When you describe scents, it will really enhance the mood and draw people into the story by making your readers really get involved and feel one with your sexy story.

Adult Film Stars and Politics – Marketing Secrets to make Millions

As a conservative culture, we always enjoy a good story when an adult film star makes headline news. There is an ongoing headline story about President Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels who once had an alleged affair with Donald Trump. We’ll overview this case and show you how Daniels is profiting millions of dollars from this public scandal.

We think this is sensationalized news, but the reality is it happens all the time but we hardly ever hear about it. There are millions of dollars in hush agreements that follow. It is a great way for a porn star to make money. The Stormy Daniels book called Full Disclosure is a juicy piece of literature that will surely make her millions – especially with the American public loving scandals regarding Donald Trump. Another common way for adult film stars to make millions of dollars is to put their face on a sex toy box, squat in a silicone filled bowl and create their very own line of pocket toys for men that copy their privates for masturbation purposes. It’s simply genius.

They brand these vibrators and sexual toys and endorse them the same way a basketball player endorses shoes, but at a sex shop like TheAdultToyShop instead of a sporting goods store. We all want to make love to a porn star and by using their brand of sex toy, we can. It’s a massively clever way of marketing themselves and making millions more. Now you too, can have sex like a millionaire sports hero or rock star. Oh and go buy her tell-all book. It’s quite the tale from the inside behind the presidential closed doors. The reality is many porn stars have encounters with famous people from celebrities, sports stars to musicians. It is simply part of their job.

Think of their starring in a movie like a business card, they promote themselves through video and a wealthy high ranking person can purchase this same encounter for themselves. Stormy Daniels is furthering her promotions by writing a tell-all book. Daniels claims to have slept with Trump in 2006 after a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California. She later signed a $130,000 hush agreement on the eve of the 2016 US election. Her affiliations with politics began by saying she was going to run for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana.

Porn stars and politics are becoming even more tightly entwined after adult film actress Lisa Ann gained national attention when she was cast as the X-rated Sarah Palin look-alike for Hustler’s porn spoof of the former vice presidential candidate. Normally politics is a far reach from adult movies, but as the audience grows and becomes more sophisticated, it’s matured and becoming more profitable. In a nutshell, it’s not just 21 year old boys watching adult movies, everyone is doing it now. Even high ranking political officials. The funny part is they’ve always been watching but it’s been so taboo that no one knew. Now the word it out and it’s not as taboo now it’s mainstream. In the end, more money is available to be made.

Especially with the American public being privy to marketing campaigns, adult film stars in the news is the mist clever way of marketing and the public doesn’t even notice. This article exposes this to let you know each time a pron star is in the news, they are gaining in some way. After all, any publicity is good publicity, right?